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viterra® BIENE viterra® Cover crop blend

... annual bee fallow / honey fallow
  • Mixture of 12 components for honey fallow
  • long flowering phase for high biodiversity and positive image value for agriculture
  • Good for rapeseed crops - crucifer free
  • Roots through different soil horizons and has a stabilizing effect on the soil structure
  • Grass free for trouble-free casserole in subsequent crops
  • Free from buckwheat
  • Legume content <50%

Blend details
Seeds %
30 % Berseem clover
1 % Blue lupine
9 % Dill
7 % Lucerne / Alfalfa
26 % Persian clover
19 % Phacelia
1 % Marigold / Calendula
3 % Serradella
1 % Spring forage pea
2 % Common vetch
1 % Sunflower
Free of crucifers
Free of legumes
Free of grass

Crop rotation suitability
Oilseed rape
Sugar beets
Intensive crops

Cultivation recommendations
Recommended sowing rate
25 kg/ha
Sowing period
Early March until late May
Relevanter Leguminosenanteil laut DüV: 70 %

P.H. Petersen Saatzucht Lundsgaard GmbH
All variety descriptions have been prepared in accordance to the best of our knowledge, considering trial results and observations. A guarantee or a liability in individual cases is not possible, because the growth conditions are subject to substantial fluctuations.

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