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We are the SAATEN-UNION – Stefan Kontowski

I am Stefan Kontowski and the head of the European wheat breeders at Borries-Eckendorf.

We offer the best varieties for the European farmers in the SAATEN-UNION network. My hobby is my motorbike and this is mirrored in my job by through the need to always give the best under changing environmental conditions. When driving this means concentrating while moving; on the breeding plot it means selecting the best varieties for our farmers.

The focus for our 6 wheat breeders at Borries-Eckendorf is always the requirements set by our farmers. Our team uses every opportunity to develop the best varieties every year.
With that, we currently have the 4 best high yielding varieties in the German Descriptive Varieties List. And we are proud of this!

Besides our large German breeding programme, we have further breeding programmes for England, France, Poland, and Middle and Eastern Europe. For these, we utilise a large network of own testing stations and many further experimental sites in Germany and Europe.
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