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We are the SAATEN-UNION – Franz Unterforsthuber

My name is Franz Unterforsthuber and I am the consulting sales representative for SAATEN-UNION in the area of Southern Bavaria.

I do sports as compensation and due to my closeness of the Alps I like to be in the mountains - no matter whether it is summer or winter, on skis or on foot. I love the superb views, the wide panorama and the quietness - no mobiles, no noise, no strenuous discussions, time to free the head while exercising the body. Many good ideas came to me during those moments. This recharges my batteries.

The requirements placed on us sales consultants at SAATEN-UNION are very diverse due to the wide range of products for many agricultural crops. It starts at cereals, to rape and legumes, to maize and beets down to grasses and intercrops. Exactly that makes our task so interesting. We develop the varieties that are on the market together with our colleagues at the head office, the breeding centres and the SAATEN-UNION experimental station.

We develop farming concepts and support our trading partners [… more]

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