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My name is Gero Heumann and I am in charge at SAATEN-UNION for sales and merchandising planning of seeds, and for managing key accounts in Eastern Germany.

When my young family leaves me any time, I like to do sports or follow my other great passion - hunting. If you want to be a successful hunter, you need mainly patience and you have to be able to assess the situation correctly when it counts.

Similar demands are placed on me during production planning in the cereals department. As cereals are planted outdoors as we all know, we always have to plan a year in advance. The challenge is to balance demand and production regardless of those many unknown factors that can occur throughout a vegetation period. This can only be managed through market assessment in the most precise way possible, combined with close alignment with our customers.

During a sales season, my colleagues and I move several thousand tonnes of seeds during a very short time span to customers at home and abroad. Timely delivery can only be [… more]

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