HySEED - For Sustainable Higher and More Stable Yields

Especially on stressful locations and under suboptimal for conventional varieties hybrid cereal is more efficient, profitable and stable in terms of yield.
The more difficult the growing conditions, the greater the profit margin.

Under the term HySEED SAATEN-UNION intensifies and concentrates all of their hybrid cereal activities in different countries be able to offer even more powerful hybrid varieties in the future in rye, wheat, barley and triticale.

The SAATEN-UNION is the only variety supplier with hybrid competence in all four winter cereals. This is based on many years of experience, intensive research and development, more reliable seed production and careful quality management. Hybrid grain is characterized by better vitality and productivity compared to conventional grain (heterososis effect). However, in order to exploit its full yield potential, hybrid cereals must be grown differently than conventional cereals. It is therefore helpful to know how hybrid cereals differ from conventional cereals.

At https://www.hyseed.net you will find valuable background knowledge about hybrid rye, hybrid wheat and hybrid barley. If you have any further questions, please contact your SAATEN-UNION specialist advisor.


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