Hybri'density-App supports sowing of hybrid wheat

SAATEN-UNION is now offering a tool to help with sowing hybrid wheat. It supports you from ordering hybrid wheat seed counts to controlling the stand at emergence.

The Hybri'density application advises you at each stage, based on the specific features of your region and your chosen variety of hybrid wheat, stating the optimum sowing dates and seeding rates.

The three main uses for the Hybri'density application are:

  • Plan your sowing
  • Adjust your seed drill
  • Check plant population upon emergence

The application has a geolocalisation system that simplifies access to the data for your area. Its back-up system means that you can store the choices you have made and the results you have achieved directly in the application or in your mailbox.

Currently the the Hybri'densitiy application is available for: Belgium, Czech Republik, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia and United Kingdom.

This new tool is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

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